Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri (www.txorierri.net) is a subsidized High School for Science and Technology and Vocational Education and Training (both EQF level 3 and 5) in the Basque Region. Each year the school provides education for over 400 full time students and 1000+ adult part time learners with a staff of 45 people. The school specializes in: Environmental Control & Education, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Robotics, Sales and Commercial Management, Mechanical Design and Mechanical Production.

Politeknika Txorierri belongs to the HETEL network of 25 subsidized VET schools in the Basque Region providing Vocational education and training to over 10000 full time vocational students (www.hetel.org). The network shares innovation practices, internationalization and mobility organization and technical projects. Anabel Menica (staff member at Politeknika Txorierri) is the coordinator of Erasmus+ mobilities for HETEL.

Politeknika Txorierri operates as a Cooperative and forms part of the Mondragon Group with a strong emphasis on community and cooperative ethics. The Mondragon Group (http://www.mondragon-corporation.com/) is a business group made up of 289 companies and entities and 15 Technology Centres.

Since 2013, The Politeknika is also an associated member of the neighboring Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia (http://www.parque-tecnologico.es/) and has collaboration agreements with key business and industrial clusters in the Basque Country which permits close collaboration between businesses and the college. Several projects are in place in the Politeknika such as “Asmaola” http://asmaolaplus.blogspot.com.es/ in which 8 key Basque colleges offer innovation support and infrastructures to SMEs in the region.

Politeknika Txorierri has a strong embedded QUALITY culture. The centre was the first VET school in Bizkaia to earn the Golden Q Award for QUALITY management in 2005 based on the EQFM Quality Model.

Politeknika Txorierri is a member of three different European networks:

  1. INNOTECS, network of Technical VET schools and colleges.
  2. EfVET (European Federation of VET providers) network. EfVET has over 200 members in almost all the EU member states; also members in Turkey and Russia. It is able to reach out to over 1500 VET institutions across Europe. This European network also has direct links to other European organisations including Lifelong Learning Platform, EAEA, EUCEN and CSR Europe.
  3. DLearn (European Digital Learning Network).

Legal Representative

Jesús Ángel Orbe 


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