Politecnico di Torino

The Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), founded in 1906 from the roots of the Technical School for Engineers created in 1859, has a long-standing tradition of leadership of polytechnic culture. It is one of the most important universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies, strongly committed to collaboration with industry.

The Department of Energy (DENERG) is the leading structure in the areas of power and energy and sustainable development, covering the fields of production, transport, distribution, conversion and use of energy. The main goal is to improve the existing technologies in the energy sector, to promote the innovation and to contribute to the rational and aware use of different energy resources. DENERG promotes, organizes and manages the basic and applied research, the technology transfer and business services in the field of energy resources and related conversion technologies, distribution and final use in the industrial, civil, transport and service sectors environments.


Legal Representative

Prof. Guido Saracco


Contact Person

Prof. Vincenzo Corrado