Multiplier Events


The Italian EEE Multiplier Event was held on February 27th, 2023, at the Aula Capetti, Department of Energy, Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24, Turin, Italy. Stakeholders from different categories attended; Training agencies, trade associations, university professors, research institutions, representatives of ESCOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, professional associations, territorial governing bodies, SMEs, the consulting firm, software house, and students (M.Sc., PhD).

The event began with the registration of participants and the delivery of the questionnaire. After the welcoming address, an overview of the EEE project was provided, and the consortium, the target groups, the aims and objectives, and the most relevant results were presented. Afterwards, more specific and detailed presentations were given on the Intellectual Outputs of the EEE project (IO1 – CV Framework, IO2 – Training material, IO2 – OER Platform, and IO3 – Best cases). For IO1, the development process, EEE profiles, macro- activities, and the web app for the CV framework were presented. Followingly, the objectives of IO2, learning methodology definition, and training content creation were presented. Afterward, the Open Education Resources (OER) platform consisting of learning modules dedicated to trainers was shown. Subsequently, the mapping tool (IO3) for showing the best cases of energy efficiency practices in the construction sector was presented. A brief coffee break followed this session. The website and the platform’s significant functionalities and learning materials were then demonstrated. This section was allocated to the attendees for conversation, questions, answers and evaluating the website and platform for completing the questionnaire. Lastly, presenters and participants started networking, which resulted in interesting interactions and discussions.


The Italian multiplier event went very well, involving different target groups. With good feedback questionnaires, participants conveyed their satisfaction both vocally and in writing. Many of them indicated that this project is a great starting point and can be extended to cover more countries and final users. Following comments for future development of the project were given:

  • Using AI in the future development of the project

Creation of an energy efficiency expert community, to update the platform, especially in compliance with standards and regulations.

  • Considering the inconsistencies between different EEE profiles in EU countries for further development of the project
  • Implementing the tool and the platform in different EU national languages for further development of the project


The EEE Belgian Multiplier Event was organised on 10/02/2023 in CBE- Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe office. In the preceding weeks, representatives of European institutions, students interested in the sector, engineers, builders and teachers were invited. Finally, CBE invited and reached 30 participants.

The event started with a welcome to the participants, a short presentation of CBE and Erasmus/ projects in general. Afterwards, the EU Green Deal was explained and how the project idea came about was deepen. Subsequently, all outputs were explained in detail explaining the objectives, the results achieved and the methodology adopted.

Practical examples were given, the website was opened and the online forms and platform for following the course were shown.

The last half hour of the event was devoted to the final discussion, comments and questions and answers.

At the end of the presentation of the Project and its results, a questionnaire was circulated among the participants. All 30 participants completed the questionnaire demonstrating that they understood and appreciated the aim and objectives of the Project.
Finally, many of the invitees stated that they would enrol in the Training Course.


The multiplier event took place on the 27th of February at Politeknika Txorierri. The speakers were Anabel Menica, Jokin Goioaga and Sheila Larrabaster. It was a very interesting 4 hour-long multiplier event. We had 30 teachers attending the event. Most of them were technical teachers from the HETEL network, an association of 31 VET centres in the Basque Country.


The Multiplier Event in Cyprus, for the Energy Efficiency Expert project was split into two activities to reach different target groups.

The first Multiplier Event was held in the community on the 11th of February 2023 at Agia Varvara near Nicosia where professionals such as electrical engineers, electricians, plumbers attended.

The event began with the welcoming of the participants, a short presentation of Emphasys Centre, and an introduction to the EEE project. Following this, the idea of the EEE project was explained, more specifically a brief introduction to the EU Green deal and how it triggered the idea of the project. Additionally, a presentation of the consortium involved in the project, the Target groups, Aims and Objectives and the Project Products. After this session, a short break was conducted and then more detailed information was provided regarding WP2 (Materials and OER Platform) and WP3 (Best cases – Mapping Tool). The final hour of the event was dedicated to the participants for discussion, questions and answers, which sparked a very interesting interaction between them and completed the evaluation of the event.


The second Multiplier Event was held on the 19th of February 2023, at the mall of Cyprus near Nicosia where VET providers, architects and civil engineers were present. A great interest was shown by young adults and university students also who are studying in this field and wanted to learn more.

The event was split into 4 sessions, where 4 groups were presenting the project simultaneously and on rotation. During each session, the participants were welcomed and the EEE project was presented. Specifically, an Introduction of Emphasys Centre, an Introduction of the EEE project, the background of the EEE – EU Green deal explained, the Consortium involved, the target groups, Aims and Objectives, the Products – Presentation of WP1, WP2, WP3 and finally some time was dedicated to discussing about the project (Questions & Answers) and finally, an Evaluation of the Event was handed out to the participants.


The Multiplier Event in Slovenia was held on February 21st 2023 at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Reactor Centre Podgorica, Brinje 40, 1262 Dol pri Ljubljani, where invited stakeholders such as VET providers, representatives of the Universities, energy managers, facility managers, architects, engineers (civil, electrical and mechanical), local energy agencies and representatives of ESCOs attended.

The event began with the welcoming of the participants and a short presentation of the Energy Efficiency Centre of the Jožef Stefan Institute and its educational and training activities. After welcoming, an introduction to the EEE project was made and the main activities of the EEE project were explained, with a focus on ideas that initially triggered the project. Additionally, a presentation of the consortium involved in the project, the target groups, aims and objectives and the project outputs was done. After the general presentation about the project, more specific and detailed presentations were given on the Intellectual Outputs of the EEE project (IO1 – CV Framework, IO2 – Training material, IO2 – OER Platform and IO3 – Best cases). After this session, a short coffee break was done and then the main functionalities of the platform and learning materials were presented. This part was also dedicated to the participants for discussion, questions and answers and also for the evaluation of the event. The last hour of the event was dedicated to the networking among lecturers and participants which also initiated a very interesting debate and interaction between participants


The Slovenian Multiplier Event was very well accepted by all participants expressing their satisfaction both verbally and in writing through good feedback questionnaires. Obtained an overall grade of 4.85/5 was given to the event and confirms the success of the overall organisation. Participants expressed their willingness to cooperate with us in the future exploitation of the results of the EEE project. Many of them said that they will use our materials in their future educational activities. Some of the participants suggested verbally during the networking session that we should consider organisation of trainings for trainers/future users of the OER Platform in order to maintain the quality of delivered lectures.

Also, the event produced an important echo among targeted stakeholders and we have received an e-mail from the representative of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and its Sub-chamber for the construction sector and construction industry asking for a meeting to discuss potential future cooperation.