IO1 -  CV definition of the Energy Efficiency Expert in the construction sector

IO1 Description

Intellectual Output 1 is the development of the CV of the Energy-efficiency expert figure. 

The output consists of a comprehensive document outlining the competencies needed among the technical, digital, entrepreneurial and financial skills selected by the partnership. Moreover, the partnership will discuss the possibility of defining sub-profiles in consideration of national or other peculiarities of their target groups. IO1’s main intent is to define a professional profile that can easily conjugate technical knowledge/skills/competencies and management/financial skills/mindset. 

The IO1 aims at taking in consideration Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency that includes training and education, such as energy advisory programmes, that lead to the application of energy-efficient technology or techniques and have the effect of reducing end-use energy consumption.

The completed IO1 will provide the following data pertaining to the aforementioned professional figure:

  • Identification of the technical, digital skills/mindset it should possess.
  • Identification of the entrepreneurial and financial skills it should possess.
  • Definition of a general professional profile and its matching with identified knowledge/skills/competencies.
  • (Possible) definition of sub-profiles and their pairing with specific knowledge/skills/competencies.
  • Matching the skills set identified with the VET education offer in order to create a CV complementary to those already available.